Monday, March 17, 2014

Hermana Casanovas

Early this week we had a third companion for two days! Her name is Hermana Casanovas and she's from Canada! She's been in the field two weeks and only spent 10 days in the MTC. 

We were studying in the morning and she had a moment. She was super talkative before her mission, always bore her testimony at church, worked a lot with the youth, but now she feels frustrated because she feels like she doesn't have her personality anymore. Ring a bell to anyone?? 

Haha! I love feeling like I can help and so that morning was so special to me. I love her and understood exactly how she is feeling!  Best part is, I can tell her that the language will come and she is going to rock it!  She was a blast to have with us for two days! 

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