Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mexico Week 33 -- True Joy

To all of my favorite people in the world!! This was by far the best week of my entire mission. 

First things first, I’ll explain the pictures! We bought potatoes last week and we made french fries! Almost as good as yours mom! 

Also, this would be a huge plate of fruit with honey. It has changed my life. I eat 1-2 plates like this daily.  I literally live off of fruit. The sad part is, all of my favorite fruits don’t exist at home :(

This beautiful P-Day we went for ice cream! I had ice cream that was the flavor of Nutella! So good! 

Also, we decided that running in the morning just wears us out too much and we really only did it like two times ... about a month and a half ago! Ha! Ha!  This week we decided that speed walking was a good balance.  Just imagine Phil from Kath and Kim speed walking at 6:30 in the morning.  Cracks me up the whole time we are doing it!  

Okay now for the good stuff!! 

Our single mom is progressing so well! We keep working with her, keep sharing our testimonies, and she wants so much to come unto Christ. It is an amazing feeling to just want what is best for someone. We love her so much and we worry about her, we study for her, and we are trying to help her receive the blessings the Lord has prepared for her. 

Another miracle is another investigator that we have. She is in her 50’s I think, maybe 60. She is a nurse that works nights and she is precious! We met her like when we first got here, but it is really hard to visit her consistently with all of the schedules she has. But wow, she is so prepared! She is reading the Book and Mormon and this week she realized how much peace she feels when we go visit her. She was super busy Saturday and we didn’t get to give the lesson we had planned and we were thinking she wasn’t going to go to church. We get to church, the sacrament happens and we’re thinking NOOOOOO, another week without investigators at church?  I’m just praying asking Heavenly Father what else? What more do I have to do? What am I not doing?  All of the sudden, she shows up in her nursing gear and we just about squeal! Ahh, we are trying to work with the whole family but their schedules are so crazy! But, I know that she is someone prepared by the Lord. 

The miracle of the week the son of Hermana Elsa, remember our less active member that has such a strong personality but we get along really well because of it? Well actually, about two weeks ago, we talked with her son that lives with her. He accepted a baptismal date was going to go to church and then one day he just tells us he doesn’t want to meet with us anymore. Hermana Elsa tells us that he just listened to us because he thought I was cute ... I may have cried about that. But anyways, at the beginning of the week we visited her and arrived another one of her sons. She says ¨Hold on a second. I really want you to talk with him. He doesn’t believe in God or anything, but let’s see if he listens to you¨.  She talks to him and says ¨These are missionaries from my church and they want to share a message with you.¨  Both of us almost laughed! But he did listen to us! He just barely separated from his spouse and is going to live with her now. In the second visit, he had read the pamphlet of the Restoration and told us he believed all of it, that he had prayed, and that it all just felt right. He accepted a baptismal date and tells us “I know that being a member of your church is hard. I know that there are a lot of commitments, but it shouldn’t be so hard if we feel real love for God right? I mean, we should just pray every day for the strength to be able to do it¨.  He is always so prepared for lessons.  He’s reading the Book of Mormon. HE WENT TO CHURCH. Showed up a little late, but he came! He was talking with so many members and just said that he felt good. He has his baptismal date in mind and is truly trying to prepare himself. I have never taught anyone like him. He listens, feels the spirit, and he honestly wants to know. Wow, it’s just incredible! He told me in the first visit, ¨People can see when a person is close to God, and you, are close to God¨!  It was the most incredible feeling. People can see when we have the Spirit, even for you guys too, people know. We just have to fearlessly share what we know. 

This week I just felt happiness, a true, complete, deep to the bone happiness. It’s awesome! I feel strong!  I feel filled with love!  I feel like I can do it all! I can take care of people here!  I can contact EVERYONE in the street!  We can find people to teach!  I can love and serve my companion!  I know the Lord will inspire me through his Spirit!  It was just an amazing week!

I love you all to the moon and back! Keep fighting the good fight, it’s not easy, but you can do it! Love you! 

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