Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mexico Week 36 -- We Can Be His Hands

Boy is it great to be living life in Tlaquepaque. Leaving the little cyber thing where we wrote you guys last week, this young chap gives me the biggest smile and passes, then comes back and says ¨Where are you from?¨ .. he thinks he’s really smooth.  I started telling him that we are missionaries and we share a message about Christ and his whole face changes .. He said, “Oh, thanks” and starts walking away.  My companion starts dying laughing and I did too.  The stories I have from things that have happened to me in the street here. 

I think I will always tell y’all that I love music. We are preparing something to sing at Hermano Oscar’s baptism and I just love singing! I love playing with music!  I have no talent whatsoever, but it does make me really, really happy! 

Fun Fact! KFC exists here and we ate there today! Wahoo!! 

Please enjoy my Halloween pictures! Ha! Ha! I think I’m pretty clever with the black dress and orange scarf .. Can’t let a Holiday slip past me! 

Hermano Oscar just keeps amazing us! We called him one night to see how it was going with cigarettes and after seeing how he’s doing he says,  ¨Hermanas do you understand that I could never repay either of you?  I can’t even describe what you have done for my life. You have changed my life and you have changed my family.  I could be a millionaire, I could give you everything you both wanted, and it would never come close!¨

We had other people, some less active members say similar things to us this week and I think so many times we just don’t realize what we do for other people. We don’t realize how much we truly can represent the Savior. I invite you all to look for opportunities to serve. In Grandpa Jay’s blessing, the Lord tells him about a million times to follow every prompting of the Spirit to serve.  I think it’s an invitation for all of us. The Lord will inspire us so that we can be His hands here. 

We’re keeping it short and simple this week. I know the Lord lives. I know that He loves us and is proud of us. I know that He will always love us no matter our imperfections. He will continue supporting us and helping us grow. I love you all to the moon and back. Be good! 

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