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Mexico Week 52 -- Listening to the Spirit

Buenas Tardes darling family!

How are you all?  I hope you’re doing well and smiling and all that jazz!  First things first ... the pictures! 

The food is a chile reyeno.  It is a chile stuff with cheese basically and I just love them! One of my favorite things here! 

Our electric stove finally arrived!  Now we eat more than cereal!  Ha! Ha!  Hermana Gonzalez and I ate an unnatural number of quesadillas this week! 

Hermana Irma has been making so many piñatas and they are just getting better and better! 



I have decided to better live the Word of Wisdom and that includes less coke.  Now just every once in a while, there is a mini one! 

This is Hermana Pamela.  Probably one of the toughest people I know. She’s had some pretty rough times these past few months, but she is so sweet and tries to serve the best she can at church. We love her!! 

Sunday night was a party!  Our Zone Leaders call and ask if three sisters can stay with us one night. We tell them no problem. We arrive at the bus station and there are seven sisters and four of them have no idea where they’re going. We are calling all the leaders, nobody knows anything, and well, we slept all nine of us in our house last night! The good news is that I got to chat with Hermana Valdez for a while! I love her too much! She is training right now and goes home in seven weeks! Crazy right?!  Ahh, she told me to tell you all that she loves you so much!  Thanks for her package … and she is just a little bit sad that you forgot to send her the promised iPod! LOL! 

I also got to see the MTC Crew!  They also slept in our house and we went to the city to sign Visa documents today.  It was fun to catch up and see where everybody is at!  We all just sat and thought … WOW!  Time is flying. 

I also got to see Hermana Buttars today!  We had a special conference early this morning to watch Meet the Mormons.  It was SO good!  I may have had a little moment at the end when the missionary is leaving and the whole family is crying, and then the little sister starts sobbing, but it was just a feel good movie.  You all should really invite people to see it!  I realized just how blessed I am to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  We know the truth.  We’re happy.  We know how to find strength and comfort in our trials.  We enjoy this life. We have felt the pure love of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, now we just need to share it!  Long story short, I loved the movie and it reminded me of so many blessings. 

This week we also had another special training with President Camarillo. It was so good!  I felt excited to work and like the batteries had been recharged.  We talked about how much the Lord is preparing people to receive us.  We worked with some members and practiced how we can practice with them to help them share the gospel.  I felt a hope to be able to increase and strengthen my faith.  Our President is so powerful and I know that he’s a servant of the Lord. 

Leaving our training, we go visit Hermana Elsa and Hermano Jose to put into play what we learned.  We asked them to think about someone that they loved a lot, someone they worried about, someone that isn’t a member of the church.  They both thought of a few names and we practiced with them how they could share their testimony and invite their friends and family members to learn more.  At the end, we knelt in prayer and Hermana Elsa prayed for every single one of those people.  She prayed for us that we could find people to teach and that all of us could have missionary experiences.  It was the best and wow, what an experience!  Visiting them another day, Hermana Elsa starts to talk about how one day on the bus she started thinking some of her friends who go to church and show their devotion few times a year.  She thought about the true gospel of Jesus Christ and how it requires a constant effort.  She says, “these people just don’t understand what Christ did for us.”  Leaving their house Hermana Gonzalez and I were in shock!  She has changed so much and wow, it just warms my heart seeing her like that!  In Gospel Principles we talked about faith and Hermano Jose raises his hand and says, Bishop, I just want to invite those that are here today to pray and fast to week, to really ask to see if they believe this is the truth, to ask our Heavenly Father for a confirmation.  It was so awesome!! 

We visited Hermana Judith this week and ahhh, what an experience.  She has been having a pretty rough time and Satan is really going after her. About a week and a half ago we felt impressed to give her a Word of Wisdom pamphlet so that she could read it before we taught her.  About a week and a half later, we felt like it was time to teach her.  We went and visited her in the store they’re working in and we start teaching about the Word of Wisdom.  She tells us that the first time she read the pamphlet she was kind of skimming when she was at work and she said, “NO COFFEE??!!”  The Hermanas lost me with that one, this game’s over!  She said in order to read better with more attention, she hides the pamphlet in her shirt and goes to the bathroom at work.  She started looking up all the scriptures and started to understand.  She said her coworkers started teasing her for wanting to be Mormon and one of them says, “How are you going to be a Mormon if you LOVE coffee?!”  She says, in this life we have to make sacrifices in order to follow Christ.  She’s so brave and just shares what she knows and feels with people.  She wants to be baptized with her son!  She tells us, “I just feel so privileged that you found me and that I know the truth.”  She is so special and her prayers are the best. She knows Joseph Smith was a prophet and in her prayer she says, ¨I know I’m on the right path.¨ We love her!! 

We also visited Hermana Irma this week.  It was an incredible experience. She had a lot of questions about the Atonement.  At first, they were cooking and we in the kitchen sharing a lesson, but as we testified and as the Spirit came stronger and stronger, everyone stopped what they were doing and it was silent, the looks on their faces said everything.  We just testified of Christ and what we need to do in order to receive all of the blessings of the Atonement.  It was a total wow moment!  We felt the Spirit so strong. 

We have some newer investigators that live with Hermano Victor.  They are Suleina and Miguel.  This week we taught them about the law of chastity and the importance of families.  They are praying and went to church and want to form their family right.  They loved church and we have a lot of hope in them!  They have a beautiful 2-year old daughter and she has blue eyes and is too cute! 

This week we also kept working with the Moreno family. We are looking for a family that can help them and just keep them in your prayers okay?  They need so much help.  On Fridays, we have our service project and this week we decided to work with their two kids that are really struggling in school.  Well, actually, they don’t go a lot and can’t really write or read.  Only one of them knows the alphabet.  We went all kindergarten teacher on them!  These kids just need a lot of help and they’ve stolen my heart! 

Just one more thing!  This week, I realized something really important.  At the end of our weekly planning, Hermana Gonzalez and I had our companionship inventory.  We worked some things out that had been bothering us and I realized how many times in my life mom and dad, you’ve tried to have companionship inventory with me … I guess that is what happens when both of your parents served a mission! LOL! 

I was kind of too prideful to accept it.  When we talked about priorities, or taking care of Cody, or whatever, I just got defensive and didn’t listen and didn’t want anybody else telling me how I could be better or improve.  I was too prideful and wanted to realize myself in where I was falling short and fix it myself.  I realized that in the mission, my companions and I have listened to each other, we accept suggestions, we try to be better and we work together.  I am so incredibly grateful for my mission and all that I am learning.  I truly feel like I’m getting better and better and preparing myself to form my own family.  Life is great!  Humility is key! 

I love you all to the moon and back and I’m here for whatever you might need!

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