Sunday, April 12, 2015

Mexico Week 57 -- Teach Me To Walk In His Light

Dear Favorite Family, 

First things first...the pictures!

We ate with the Lozano family this week and her husband spent a ton of years in the United States. As we sit down to eat, I see A1 sauce on the table and starting telling her about Rach and the A1 sauce.  They start laughing and mentioning all of the American things in the house because of her husband...then she sends me home with a bottle of A1 sauce! 

We’ve been working with one of the recent converts here so that he can prepare himself to serve a mission. He needs a lot of help, but he’s great at drawing and drew me a picture of Ana!! His mom is also the sweetest and she comes with us on visits a lot, and she gave me this white chocolate basket! 

This week our food with a member fell through one day, but it’s all good because we got to eat in the Chinese Buffet we’ve been wanting to try! Not quite Panda, but it was good!

This is Hermana Equihua. She is about to hit one year as a member and is the sweetest. She went to the temple for the first time last week and last week we ate with her one day. Her son, Victor, is 5 and absolutely adorable. As we eating, he wants to play a board game and we start playing and I beat him 2 times. He gets all fired up and starts playing with Hermana Lopez instead. We invite them to the Noche de Cine and they say yes.  Victor tells me, we can be friends but tonight, I need to play with my other friends and not with you.  Ha! Ha!  After a few more minutes he comes back and says ... well, it would probably be better if I played with you tonight.  

A few hours later, we all show up in the chapel and start watching The Testaments.  Victor is not the most quiet kid and is all over the place and somewhere along the way, I turned into a human pillow. We’re watching the movie and he says, “Did you see??” “Did you see!! Jesus isn’t on the cross anymore!  He’s okay! He’s totally okay now.”

 This is the part where I get a little teared up.  After the movie, the Elders ask for comments.  After they see I’m teared up, they call on me first.  It’s just that, kids get it. They always get it.  In every house we go to, the kids are the first who naturally respond to the Spirit.  It’s Semana Santa here this week and there are tons of crosses and they reenact the crucifixion and it’s so focused on His death. I love that kids get it, He lives! I love the week of Easter. Also, I kind of felt like a mom and that was cool too. I love kids. I am so excited to be able to have my own kids and teach them about Jesus and well it’ll just be cool. 

After the movie he says he’s going to teach me how to run.  That would be the video, if it makes it through!  I’m pretty sure people here think I’m nuts! Crazy white girl!  Whatever it takes to make that kid laugh! 

Today there was a HUGE market in the center of the city with so many beautiful Mexican creations!! I brought y’all some treats #guesswhatsinthebags

This week we got to go to the General Women’s meeting! Awesome right? I love General Conference! I loved the video with the families singing. I was such a boob! Then the other family video starts and it was all just so centered on families. I hope it’s the Lord’s plan that I get to have my own family. I feel so excited to center my home on Christ, to put him in the primer lugar and just struggle and pray and work it all out in this crazy earth life. We need to serve! 

We got to visit the Ramirez family this week. They are active members. The daughter is divorced with a 6-year old son.  The daughter’s husband is an ex-missionary and they were sealed in the temple, but he just kind of stopped living the gospel and well, they got divorced. The mom reminds me so much of our mom in about 20 years. She is hilarious, so loving, and gives everything that she has. She also says things like they are and is always trying to raise the bar in the ward. Her daughter is pretty stressed with her calling and we were trying to find ways to help and support her. They are an incredible family. They don’t have a lot, but they give all that they can. They don’t complain. They live the gospel a hundred percent and get a little frustrated when others don’t get it. They are so strong and I felt like I was in my own house with them! It was just a special experience and come what may, the gospel helps us and we can be strong. 

The truth is ... this week we walked a lot and didn’t really find anybody!  Not the less actives, not investigators, not new people, nobody.  I was getting a little frustrated and I think the Lord wants me to learn patience. He just wants me to trust Him and wait on Him just a little bit more. One day I was pretty frustrated because we had four hours with a member and didn’t find anyone.   It always makes me feel bad when members take time to work with us, and then we struggle to find people during that time.

We decided to try and visit a recent convert and we found her! We started studying Mosiah 24 with her and it talks about how Alma and his people waited on the Lord. They trusted Him and were able to patiently bear their load, happily and willingly submitting themselves to the will of the Lord. I started to feel the Spirit so much and it was just as much as a lesson for me as it was for her! 

Ha! Ha!  So I am starting to figure out how you and dad can just teach a class at the last minute!  We’re in Gospel Principles on Sunday and the bishop calls us out of class.  Hermanas, he says, we forgot it was 5th Sunday and didn’t assign anyone the lesson.  Can you give the 5th Sunday lesson?  Our jaws about hit the ground, um, sure Bishop está bien. We were studying for about 10 minutes about autosuficiencia ... I don´t remember how you say that in English and we give the lesson! Oh the adventures here!! 

When we went to church on Sunday, I felt even more worried with the ward. I just felt like it was all a huge weight, like there is so much work to be done and I didn’t even know where to start. My head starting hurting and it was just a moment of overload! As we took the sacrament, I started to remember all that I had studied this week about the Atonement. I started to feel that it was the Lord’s work. He knows the ward and He knows who He called here. He has a plan. I just have to lean on Him more. I have to trust Him. I am so grateful to be learning these lessons now, to be learning about the Atonement and how to apply it now. It’s awesome. It’s hard, but I am so grateful for every experience that helps me to learn. 

I love you all tons and hope you’re all happy! See you soon!! 

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