Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mexico Week 19 -- Lovin The Mission Life

To my favorite people!!  How are you guys?  I hope that all are healing and feeling better and getting ready to go to New York! 

So we wore our rain boots for the first time this week!  It was storming in the morning and we left, then by about 2 in the afternoon it is blazing hot and we were about to die from heat stroke!  Some day it really will rain for real all day! 

Hermana Maria Dolores bought us tamales this week!  Ahh!  They were sweet ones, with pineapple ... I was dying!  They are so good!  Then the bishop asks our little cutie to share her testimony during Ward Conference. She was so nervous, but she did so great! 

I was thinking this week...whoa, I am about to hit 6 months in the mission field!!  How is that even possible??!!  I starting thinking a lot about how am I really doing.  Am I really achieving my purpose and potential as a missionary?  Is the Lord proud of me and happy with my work.  I just want to give Him everything I’ve got during this time.  I want His approval. 

We have a new investigator and her name is Enriqueta.  She really has to be about 70 years old, and she is adorable!  She has this pug named Camila that her grandkids gave her so that she wouldn’t be alone and that dog is crazy.  She always says “Uhh, I’m better off alone that with this crazy mutt!”  Anyway, she’s super Catholic but she’s reading the Book of Mormon and says that it really interests her.  She also wants to go to Church.  She has a son that is super sick and she’s working a ton to pay for herself and her son because he can’t work.  She has passed through so many trials but her faith is so strong!  I just want to bring her home with me! 

I would just like to take a minute and talk about how much I absolutely love my area and my companion.  Cruz del Sur I think might be my home.  This week we ate with the Flores family.  One of the Contreras kids married their daughter in the temple and they have the most beautiful baby girl. Anywho, her sisters are hilarious.  They remind me so much of y’all because they are incredibly sarcastic.  Sometimes I jump in and then think -- Whoops! I am a missionary and I need to behave!  Haha!  I truly love being with them.  I realized that Hermana JuanCarlos Contreras reminds me so much of Brad, always doing stuff for other people.  He tells me all the time, “Come here with your family at the end of your mission.  We will feed all of you and then we are going to the beach!”  Hermana Isabel always jumps in, “We met the family of some missionaries and you can totally do it, and you just need to come back.  Give us a heads up and we will book the beach tickets!”

It is literally like a Henderson family reunion when we go over there. I decided that we should start saving our money so that I can fly all of my new family to my wedding that I hope happens some day. 

We also found out that Roman Contreras, the son of Flor, is an investigator!  We thought we were just helping out the Primary but he’s an investigator.  I love teaching and preparing to teach kids.  It is literally a totally different experience.  I feel like I’m practicing to be a mom! He is one active kid and he struggles to listen even to his mom, but we are getting super creative with his lessons!  I am so excited to plan his baptism because he has such a big family!

I love working with kids...they truly are very close to Christ. They’re just special!  Flor and her husband rent a room in a house with a million people.  The other day we were teaching and there were just kids everywhere!  We opened and closed with a Primary song and they all one by one, got so quiet, and sat down in a circle watching everything.  It was just a big spiritual moment for me.  I really do love the Primary songs and know that kids can feel the Spirit. 

Hermana Infante came with us to some lessons this week and well, we always go in the Infante van.  It is pretty much famous!  Haha!  We couldn’t find a lot of people and we started talking with her and she parked the van.  We started talking about challenges in life and how we can help our families when they struggle.  We shared our testimonies, hugged really tight, and then I said, “Well, before my dad dropped me off at the MTC I was a little nervous and scared too. My dad gave me a blessing in the car. Therefore, I believe it is okay to have spiritual moments in the car.  Is it okay if we say a prayer?”  She asked me to say it and I think it was one of the most beautiful, sincere, prayers I have ever said.  The words just came and she gave me the tightest hug after. I t was just one of those mission moments that you’ll never forget. 

I got to see Hermana Valdez today!  Actually she stayed in our house last night with 10 other hermanas.  It was so good to see her. We talked about our purpose as trainers and just had some good bonding talking about the ups and downs of training new missionaries!  I am so grateful for Hermana Buttars and the experiences that we are having together.  She is a great missionary and I truly have been blessed with the best companions! 

Love you all to the moon and back! Keep loving the Lord and being missionaries! 

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