Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mexico Week 28 -- The Lord is Preparing the Way

To all my cheerleaders, 

Did you know that today marks 8 months as a missionary?  How crazy is that??!!  Time is literally flying. Also, in one week we have transfers again...Holy Hannah! 

So fun fact, it was kind of cold some mornings this week! It’s been raining like crazy at night and sometimes I sleep in a sweatshirt and I got to break out my heating pad! The good news is it still gets hot in the afternoon. Actually, I think the coldest it’s been is like 70 or maybe 65 but I feel it! How on earth am I going to return to Utah!! My blood has already thinned! 

We’re a teaching a young pregnant mom and she has a lot of difficulties, but she’s really funny. We were talking with her and her mom the other day and somebody mentioned that I know English. She got super surprised and says ¨Sabes íngles?!¨ Ha! Ha! I told her uhhh yeah, a lot better than I speak Spanish most days! She was literally so surprised. Sometimes people crack me up. 

Rachel, we have these two old ladies in our ward and they’re sisters. They are like 70 and 80 years old I think, but they literally crack me up. They’re in Gospel Principles together and always leave everyone laughing. This week, I totally thought: “Hey, that is going to be Rach and I one day!!¨ Ha! Ha!  Old, kind of crazy, but still hilarious … just like us! 

This first picture says ¨Hi I’m Heidi’s twin!  I’m headed to the office in my black sweater, scrunched hair and comfort shoes!¨ Ha! Ha! Seriously, we’re twins!!  

This lovely PDay, we went to eat at a place called Quarto de Kilo. It’s a quarto de kilo of meat and’s delicious! All of the missionaries talk about it and now we have officially joined the club! 

Also, I got my package on Friday! Fun fact, the black shoe polish exploded all over everything, but the nude one is in good shape! I LOVE my shoes and luckily they weren’t tainted by the shoe polish! Thanks so much for everything mom! We’re already putting the stories to good use! The kids love them! 

Okay now for the good stuff. 

We found a new investigator this week and she’s incredible. She has two young daughters and is a recently single mom. We found her in the street and she was in a hurry, but says, here’s my address.  You guys go ahead and visit me one night. We went by, she was home, let us in, and immediately trusted us. We started talking and she told us her story. She was with someone who wasn’t very nice and well they’re recently separated. She talked so much about how she just wants to forgive. She just wants to be with her kids and be everything that they need her to be. She accepted a baptismal date and she is my testimony that Heavenly Father is preparing people. We just have to find them! We are so excited to keep working with her! 

The other morning, I was reading an article in this month’s Liahona. It was about youth and the huge problem of pornography, not just in the world, but in the Church too. The question is when youth will be exposed to it, not if. It talked about spiritual scars of these addictions but it was more directed toward parents and how to help their kids. There was a part that made me think so much. A BYU professor said “at their root all addictions are maladaptive coping strategies.¨ It said that parents can help their children develop healthy coping strategies by modeling that behavior themselves. ¨When you are stressed, tired, or in despair, do you isolate yourself? Do you rely on entertainment to escape your problems instead of addressing them? Do you demonstrate that the healthiest way to solve problems is to rely on Heavenly Father the Savior and your relationships with others?¨

I LOVED these questions. I started thinking a lot about the example I’m going to give to my kids. The world is kind of ugly and it’s getting uglier. I just want my kids to be strong I want to talk openly with them about everything. A little 8 year old girl gave the sweetest testimony yesterday and I thought about watching my kids share their testimonies. I started to think about how much I’m learning here. I’m learning how to handle stress, how to work and persevere, how to be patient, and how to turn to the Lord in all things. All of these things will help me to be a better example. They will see everything and I just want to be the strongest and most developed I can be for them!  I have to work on my weaknesses so that my kids don’t inherit them ;)

This week I started getting frustrated again with my companion. Every week we have a companionship inventory and the purpose is to talk everything out and set goals. I have realized that Hermana Buttars taught me so much about being honest. Most of the time before I kind of tried to work things out myself. I didn’t really say when things bothered me ... almost never. She taught me that by saying these things we can work it out. We come to a common ground and we get better. Well my companion and I did just that! We talked for a long time and I feel like we really grew as companions. I think you could say that all of my experiences here are pretty much preparing me for life. 

Oh and tomorrow morning we’re going to the temple. I guess you could say I’m just a little bit excited!! Ahh! 

I hope that you all had the most fantastic week and that you are happy. I hope that you’re becoming better every day. I hope that you look for examples to share the gospel every day and that you love people. I hope that we are all working so that we can be an eternal family. I love you all to the moon and back! 

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