Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mexico Week 30 -- The Gospel Is For Families

To all my favorites! 

How are y’all? Happy and obedient right??!! 

So my whole week was made when last Monday the Hermanas that are in my old area told me that Hermana Infante is reading my blog. Ahh, the connections we make and can maintain .. the Internet is great! 

Also, Grandma Kathy sent me a copy of Grandpa Jay’s patriarchal blessing and wow, what a treat. I love how much it focuses on following every prompting to serve. I have been trying to work on that, to really follow every single prompting we receive even when we don’t understand why sometimes. I can’t wait to be an eternal family and get to know all of these people.

We bought ice cream this week, and ate it in about two days! Ha! Ha!  Some of our favorite less active members have also gone to church two weeks straight! They crack us up and we love working with them. 

Tamsyn will be so proud of me because we found this tiny little guy in the street and he was so sweet. I had to snuggle him a little. I decided in my house, we will need one cat and one huge Lab with some cute kids and life will be great.

This is one of our investigadores. She has a salon in her house and the truth is, she is always happy and serving other people, but she’s carrying quite a bit of pain right now. She cut my hair today and gets all excited about this cut she’s going to do and bangs and I’m thinking .. Uh, BANGS??!!  But, she was so excited and so we went with it. She starts painting my eyebrows on because she tells me they’re too short. Ha! Ha! She really is a sweetheart and sometimes it just feels good to know you help somebody relax and have some fun for a few minutes. I love the people here, and now I have bangs. 

We are teaching this family! I LOVE teaching families. Their mom is less active because she works Sundays and her 12 year old daughter is also a member. They also have 4 year old twins! House full of girls, just like us!  Her partner, well almost husband, but they’re not married, isn’t a member and has years listening to the missionaries. We went by this week and she told us that he told her that he wanted to get baptized, that he felt something different with ¨the Elderas¨ .. must be slang for girl missionaries! Wow, we got so excited! We need to help him quit smoking and drinking and go to church and get married, but he has a strong desire to be a good dad and help his family. They are so special. 

We also have another little miracle family! We went looking for an old investigador that the elders taught but instead we found her mom. She let us in and afterward we found two of her sisters, her nieces and nephews and we are teaching almost 10 people in this one tiny little house. We need to help them a lot, but the kids gets so excited and they are loving the scripture stories! They love to read the Book of Mormon and their prayers are adorable. There is just something special about teaching families. This gospel is for families and wow, life is good. 

We also found another new investigador this week! She goes to visit Oklahoma a lot and has a boyfriend there. She tells me ¨He’s a redneck¨ and I about died laughing. She has about a year listening to the missionaries off and on. She has a couple doubts but she is so prepared. She tells us that she wants to raise a family in this church. She wants to base her life on its principles. Her whole family is Catholic but she still wants to get baptized and move forward. I learn so much from different people.  Everyone has a different perspective and view of what the gospel can bring to their life. Our Heavenly Father created some truly amazing children.

Life is good as a missionary. Love you tons! Be good! 

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