Sunday, February 1, 2015

Family Home Evening

This week we hosted Ward FHE and we talked about the importance of goal setting and having a plan to reach our goals! We had a scavenger hunt and asked everything to write their top 10 goals for their life. 

Mine are:
1. Get married in the temple with a return missionary who is worthy to enter the temple. 
2. Serve in every church calling with my whole heart. 
3. Finish college and work as an empathetic nurse. 
4. Create a family where we teach, live, love, and testify of gospel principles. 
5. Learn to love and apply the Atonement in my life daily. 
6. Face every trial and difficulty with diligence and faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ. 
7. Regularly attend the temple my whole life. 
8. Live happily and obediently. 
9. Share the gospel. 
10. Return with our Father in Heaven as an eternal family. 

Hermana Rubi went with her three girls and the girls were absolutely ecstatic to have their mom there. It was so special to see them there as a family! They also gave her time off this week and she was able to go to church! Their whole family just looked so pretty! Now we’re just missing Juan! 

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