Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mexico Week 62 -- Rough Days on the Sick Train

Dear sweet family, 

Well I am a little short on stories this week as I was home Wednesday night, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night.  Let’s call them rough days on the sick train! I have to tell y’all the story. 

So I thought I just had a little bit of a cold, headache, body aches, normal flu, and I was just super thirsty, or I thought it was a sore throat.  On Wednesday the stomach gets going too and we sent the text to Hermana Camarillo. She sends me to a medical center close to here and gastroenteritis is what they tell me. We’re in there with the doctor and my companion jumps in with how much rest do you recommend.  That’s about when my palm hits my face!  Never ask that question!!  He says, 48-72 hours and I said, “NO!  No way!!”  We get my meds, get on the bus and head home. I send the text to Hermana Camarillo giving her the report and I ask her if 48 hours is okay … coming from the one who never asks the doctor about rest and even says to Hermana Camarillo “I can work, I just want to go to the doctor so they give me the antibiotic”.  She responds, “Hermana Rawe, go right on ahead with your rest, but 72 hours is better. You need to completely rest and rehydrate.”  UGH!

It was about 7 at night and it’s like she really thought things through because 5 minutes later, another text comes through, “Go home! Right now!”  Ha! Ha!  I tell everyone that it is all my mom’s fault!  Heidi Junior or what? So we’re at home and I literally slept for like 3 days straight living on white bread with ham, apples, and suero.  I woke up to eat and to go to our zone meeting on Friday.  Sunday we went to church but I still just felt off and was actually getting pretty frustrated. I send her another text telling her that I still a strong pain in my stomach and not wanting to eat anything. She sent me home Sunday afternoon and at night connected me with a doctor who I don’t even remember where she told me he is, but he’s American.  We were speaking in Spanglish and I just love his American accent.  He had to be like 60 years old.  As I started telling him what the doctor gave me, he said, “Whoa!  That’s a strong dose of the nausea medicine!  That’s your problem right there! Stop taking that.  Get off that and you’ll feel better! That’s why your stomach is so angry.”  All I hear is the voice of the old lady from Enchanted, “He tried to kill me!”  Ha! Ha!  Good news is, since yesterday I haven’t taken those pills and I’m feeling much better! This week we will work so much!! 

My second family is rocking their spot on my agenda this transfer!

 We had our zone meeting this week! Sometimes we think we’re really funny! I love missionaries!

Just some more views of what my area is like! 

This is Hermila and Alfonso. She is less active and they´re both widows and they live together. They are too funny and we really do love them. He says, look we’re all in glasses! Ha! Ha! So we took a picture together.

Even without being able to visit them all week, Hermana Claudia and her daughter Natalie went to church this week! Are they just precious or what?? We really do love them and I think they can really progress more! 

Yesterday we had the coolest experience with Andoni. Remember our less active family with the rebellious teenagers that are remembering what church was like?  Well yesterday, before I got sent home, we visited them. They were ALL home. We started talking about faith and the boys starting bringing up a lot a doubts and questions about why we suffer here in life. We had an incredible lesson and we ended up at repentance and we felt the spirit so strongly. Andoni agreed to meet with the bishop and wrote his number down. I love these boys! I love them so much! They just make me happy and I just see them on missions, or passing the sacrament, but active in the church. 

So in my time at home, I read all of my journals. I remember my setting apart, when President Gottfredson talked about working a lot with less active members and also about more difficult companions but blessing with the ability to help and serve them.  I remembered the MTC, my first months here, all of my experiences, and I felt the Spirit so strong. Did you know that in my MTC one day in the temple we did sealings and I wrote that I felt like one day I would be in temple sealing of a family from Mexico?  I wrote, “Who knows if it is just wishful thinking or a real impression from the Spirit.”  Well I think it´s going to be real!! I read that and just started crying .. How cool is that??

I only have 9 weeks left as a missionary, but in these past few days, I realized how incredible my mission has been and how it has been a huge blessing for me. I love being here, I love my experiences, I love these people and I just want to keep serving and loving. 

Can’t wait to see y’all next Sunday!!  Love you!! 

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