Friday, May 16, 2014

Mexico Week 12 -- Training Time

Hello to all my favorite people!  So I got a phone call this week from President Camarillo and I’ll be training a new missionary! But, I’ll be training her here in Cruz del Sur 3!!  Hermana Valdez is headed for Samora, and I’m going to miss her tons ... For real, so so much!  When I got the call, I was a little nervous.  I mean, who decided I was ready for this?  But these past couple of days, I just feel filled with faith, I’m honestly really excited.  I know that the Lord calls us in our weaknesses, but that He will always qualify us for His work.  I know that He has a plan and if He’s going to call me to something, of course He’s going to help me out! 

I loved talking with y’all on Saturday! Ahh, it was so great to see your faces and be reminded of that Rawe family sarcasm!  LOVE IT!  Seeing you guys and our house made me realize how short and temporary my mission is.  I feel like I was just there and I’ve already been a missionary for four months. The mission really is so short, and I don’t want to waste any of my time!  I get to have y’all for forever, but I’m only here for a year and a half! Rach, you looked beautiful for Prom and I hope you had a blast!  I love y’all to pieces and am so grateful for all of your support. 

Also, last week Brad told me that Charly gets really fired up if somebody forgets to pray for me. They’ve said two prayers many a night because she doesn’t let it pass...HOW CUTE IS THAT??!! I almost died reading that, Charly Bear’s got my back! 

Let’s talk about how amazing the Reynaga family is and especially Paty. She’s going to get baptized soon!  We taught her tithing this week and I was a little nervous because money is really, really tight at their house. But, WOW, she started telling us about all of the blessings she had received and of course she was going to pay tithing.  We extended the commitment and she tells us, ¨Well wait, I’m not waiting till I get baptized, I really need to pay now!¨  Her 8 year old son, Roxton, accepted a baptismal date too.  I was talking, just looking at him and invited him.  He got the biggest smile on his face and said yes!  He said he wanted to follow Jesus Christ and that he knew he had a Heavenly Father who loved him.  We also had a Restoration lesson with them and watched parts of the Joseph Smith movie.  The Spirit was so strong and Hermana Valdez and I bore such powerful testimonies.  There’s not a doubt in my heart!  I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet.  Paty believes it too.  Honestly, their baptisms are going to be so special. I also gave them some skirts for Sunday and they looked so great and were all so excited! 

This week, we were chatting with Hermana Claudia, the nurse that takes care of Antonio’s wife, and she told us some pretty cool stuff.  She told us that Antonio is praying. He’s really praying.  She told us that little things are changing and it all began when we started visiting him.  Sometimes we don’t see all changes, we don’t know what people do when we’re not around.  Sometimes we plant seeds and we don’t even know it.  Antonio is 80 years old and has a whole lifetime not believing in God.  He’s not going to change in a heartbeat.  However, I have so much faith in Him and I know he’s starting to change! 

After we found out Hermana Valdez was heading out, we visited the Infante family. We had one of the most spiritual lessons I’ve ever had.  We all chose our favorite hymns, bore testimony of them, and then sang our favorite verse.  There were tears and the Spirit was super strong and their whole family was together.  Sometimes it really feels like home being in their house. 

Well I love being a missionary.  Lately I just feel filled with faith and I’m ready to work!  I know that the Savior is always right by my side. I know that this is His work and that I’m completely dependent on Him.  I know that He lives, this is His Gospel, and I am loving life! 

Love you all so much! 

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