Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mexico Week 13 -- Dos Gringas

To my favorite people in the entire world....SOOOO, I'M TRAINING AN AMERICAN!!!   Remember how I thought President was crazy for calling me to train in the first place? Well, turns out he's even crazier because we're just a couple of gringas walking the streets in Mexico!  

So all of the trainers went to the chapel Tuesday morning.  We had a meeting with President Camarillo before the new missionaries arrived.  He told us that one of us Americans would be training an American.  He talked a ton about avoiding the temptation to speak English, to take the harder route.  He said that for this exact reason, American elders don't train American elders because the new missionaries never learn Spanish.  The whole time he was talking I just felt that it was me.  I felt so many things and I already thought he was crazy enough asking me to train and then this too!  Sometimes I think Heavenly Father has more faith in me than I deserve.  Sometimes I think ... ¨What are you thinking, I know I work hard but I'm not that good!¨ ... and then the Spirit knocks some sense into me and I'm ready to go again! 

She has such a desire to learn Spanish, we really don't speak English except for her Spanglish sometimes.  I have a feeling that she's going to learn really fast and I'm going to do all I can to help her!  I'm a little nervous, but the Lord called me right?  Ah, every night I'm just praying to be a good example and teach her well and that we can be good missionaries and I think we can do it. 

Sooo, are you ready for more of my pride problems?  A couple of people this week have made comments about us both being new and Americans.  Honestly, it just makes me want to work so hard.  I have so much faith in the Lord and we're going to work our tails off and find every single person in this area that's ready for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  I have been absolutely exhausted every night this week, but I'm happy ... even more importantly I'm flipping determined. 

So fun fact, they have KUMON here! Remember the tutoring place and their name is misspelled? Cracks me up every time. 

Are you guys ready for a great story? It kind of made my day.  So I called an Hermana in our ward to make sure we were good to go to eat at her house the next day.  She answers the phone, I tell her it's the missionaries and she says ¨What's your name?  I tell her that Hermana Valdez is in Samora now and everything, like hey, you know my voice.  Then she asks me again what my name is.  I told her Hermana Rawe and she says ¨Hermana Rawe?! You sounded like a Mexican I thought it was your new companion! Holy Hannah, you speak good!¨ After the baptism of María Dolores ... probably the highlight of my week. 

I hope you all had an incredible week. Be good! Be missionaries! 

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