Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mexico Week 18 -- Vamos Mexico!!!

My dear, sweet, beautiful, kind, loving, sickly family ... Sounds like everybody is a hot mess but I love you all just the same!! 

So, it is World Cup time!!  Biggest temptation in my life!!  I would love to watch the games!  Ahh, but it is okay because we bought Mexico shirts and they are too sweet!  So we are writing in a different Internet cafe this week and I can’t send pictures, but you guys have to see the pictures we took in our Mexico jerseys!  The World Cup is sweet! It's not like everything shuts down, but you can hear people yelling from within their houses! They get so pumped and I've got my jersey and will always be a Mexico fan! 

Hermana Buttars is halfway through her training!  I am going to hit six months in the mission soon.  For real, where is the time going?!  Hermana Buttars and I had some real bonding time this week.  She is an incredible person.  I love her to death and I never want to change companions!  I was also thinking that it is totally possible that I only have six weeks left in this area.  I am not very good with changes, so that could be interesting! HaHa!  It is so incredible to grow to have so much love for companions, members, people in the street … The mission is the best! 

So, I also got sick this week!  I didn’t vomit in a taxi again, but whew, mama was struggling.  Every time I ate something Tuesday, I got insane cramping in my stomach.  At about 6pm, I started to get the chills and then we went to ward council and they got worse.  We got home, I put on a sweatshirt, we planned, and then Hermana Buttars asks me, “ Are you going to call la Hermana Camarillo?”  I have pride problems, and so I told her I would wait till the morning to see if I still had a fever.  Well, my fever was higher in the morning so we called and to the doctor we went!!  I got my meds and now I am whole and recovered! But, maybe it is time to send those probiotics!!  Anyways, maybe it was just my body knew Mom and Rach were down this week and I got sympathy sick!

When I was sick, we had our Zone Conference with el Presidente and of course we went!!  It was so great!  We did this activity where I pretended to be an investigator that we have and Hermana Buttars tried to figure out what my doubt was through questions.  It was an amazing experience.  I pretended to be Antonio and it hit me that he has trouble believing in God and His love because his wife is in a bed, he lost a daughter a couple of years ago, and two grandkids in a car crash a few years before that.  He just can’t see that Heavenly Father loves us. Later at home, we did the same thing for Lupe and it hit me that she’s scared to receive an answer because that means that she’ll have to change her life.  She’s scared to change because she lives in a house of less active members.  Who’s going to support her?  Who’s going to help her live a new life?? It is so important that we truly teach people, that we know their doubts and fears and then apply the gospel to their lives to help them.  Receiving revelation is so cool! 

These past two weeks have been a little bit harder for us.  If I had peso for every time somebody told me they were Catholic and were never going to change, I could buy Mexico’s soccer team!  Haha, but really!  It would be so easy just to get discouraged, but we have been really working on staying positive.  Also, in Preach My Gospel it talks about having faith in Moroni’s promise. We have to believe that if people read and pray with sincere hearts, the Lord truly will answer them.  I have been trying to put more faith in this promise, to still encourage them to read the Book and Mormon and pray about it.  I know that the Lord sent us both here to this area for a reason.  I know that there are people here looking for the gospel ... we just have to find them! 

This week I pulled out an old favorite talk of mine ... “The First and Great Commandment” by Jeffrey R. Holland.  I felt a new fire this morning, that I need to put absolutely everything I have into these 18 months and truly my whole life. What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus Christ?  Do we truly love Him?  What do our actions say about this love?  He needs us, everything single one of us, missionaries or not.  He needs us to love Him and love His work.  He needs us to take care of His lambs because He can’t do it all.  He needs our help, love, devotion, and loyalty.  I pray that I can be the disciple that He needs me to be, despite my many, many faults and weaknesses!  He’s counting on me and He’s counting on you too!! 

I love you all too, too much. Be good and be disciples! 

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