Monday, June 2, 2014

Paty and Roxton Reynaga

Paty and Roxton were both interviewed on Wednesday.  Elder Lopez tells me "Hermana Rawe, Roxton is good to go, but we have some problems with Paty."  My stomach dropped and my heart started beating really fast and I'm thinking to myself, "NO!  Por favor, no!"  After about three minutes he tells me, "Nah, I'm just kidding, they're both good to go!"  Seriously!  He almost gave me a heart attack being funny! 

The actual baptism was great!  We sang "Eternas Puedan Ser Las Familias".  I so love that song!  Eros Infante, who's 16, baptized them both.  His whole family was pumped and it was super cool. Well, they both had to be baptized about three times because elbows and things like that.  Roxton was breathing so hard and then his face just read, "AGAIN??"  A little comical, but afterward Paty shared her testimony and it was just a good day. 

I love the way I feel at baptisms!  It's such a strong and different spirit.  I can feel that we're helping people.  It's like Jesus Christ finding a lost sheep and there is nothing else in the world like this feeling!

This is why I'm here guys! 

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