Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mexico Week 23 -- Cambios

Dearest family!  Well first things first – I’m in a new area! I really don’t have much time because I just got here, but I have a new companion Hermana Malacara, and we are both new to the area!  Let’s just say we have some work to do!! I am super nervous and yet I just feel the Spirit super strong too!!

Also, thanks so much for all of the birthday fun!! I am so sorry I just don’t have time today, but thank everyone for me and know that I felt so loved!!

Okay now for the stories of the week.  So to practice my Spanish, I have been memorizing primary hymns in Spanish! I absolutely love it!! It is so cool to be able to sing them during the day. I love music!! I have tantas ganas to learn how to play the piano and actually understand music. One day right?

The elders had a baptism this week and it’s the family that I met on the bus!! They asked me to lead the music and while they were changing, we sang some primary hymns that the kids picked. I seriously feel part of this ward. The pictures are with their daughter Vania who is the sweetest. She always says ¨Hermana!!!!¨ and gives me the biggest hugs. Their baptism was so beautiful.

I am pretty sure my heart will forever be with Hermano Contreras. We taught him a couple of times last week and Saturday night we taught about the Atonement. I saw him in white again, just like I did five months ago. I remember receiving an impression that I needed to say some things and have him repeat it. I remember thinking, ¨What are we in first grade? I’m not doing that!¨ Then it came again even stronger and I said ok. I made him repeat after me: “I am a child of God. He loves me. I can overcome all of my weaknesses through Him. I have faith. I will act.¨

Afterward he said, “Those really are true words aren’t they?” He promised to go to church the following day. And what can you believe....HE WENT. We got there pretty early in the morning and he was getting ready. Then he tells us that his mujeres are late and he’ll see us there. We were so scared to leave! We went to church and can you believe it, two confirmations, two baby blessings, and then they got there, so late, but on time for the sacrament. The Lord really wanted him to be there I think and worked some miracles. I felt the most incredible spirit and he stayed the whole three hours.

Afterward we ate with the Flores family and they are just too cute!  They had Frozen birthday surprises and made my favorite food and I was about to tear up! They even bought me this pink skirt that is so pretty!

So then we visit los Infante. They made me an apple pie to take home and sang to me in English and Spanish. They finish singing and then the phone rings.  Turns out Hermana Buttars and I were both getting transferred!  Here come the water works! Then Hermana Infante all teared up says, ¨Wow, time goes by so fast.¨ We get the message started and Hermano Infante says that he really wants to be in sacrament meeting with her and says that he’s going next week.  He hasn’t been to church in about three months. The kids start crying and now everybody’s crying for a million different reasons!

 Then they take us to the Contreras house – Talk about a HOT MESS for our last lesson of the night. One look at Hermano Carlos and there come the tears! I felt really bad at first because we didn’t go back sooner.  I felt so bad and then just this peace came and we started talking about faith. I mentioned the Lord also tries the faith of the missionaries with my new announcement. I thought of the song, “Adonde Me Mandes Ire” or “I’ll Go Where You Want Me To Go”, and how the Lord isn’t asking us He’s commanding us. I don’t even know where it came from, but the spirit was so strong and I felt like the prophet Moroni or something, calling everyone to repentance!  Hermano Carlos, the Lord is commanding you to repent and change and live the gospel, listen to Him. Family, the Lord is commanding you to forgive your dad and husband and help him. I have never felt that kind of power throughout a whole lesson. We cried a lot and hugged a lot and I almost broke a mission rule and hugged Hermano Carlos but a handshake did the job. Hermano Carlos tells us he’s going to buy the juice I like and he’ll be right back.  Please feel free to enjoy that splotchy faced picture with the juice. He tells us he knows it’s not much but it comes from the heart and he didn’t know anything about us leaving, so he couldn’t get anything else prepared sooner. I started talking to him one on one and I was just basically pleading with him to use the Atonement and be happy. He looks me in the eye and tells me ¨I know the Lord sent you here for a reason and I promise you I’m going to change.¨ He never promises unless he means it. I love the Lord, I love their family with my whole heart. I just have to come back at the end of the mission.  Seriously, we have to visit … not an option.

I know that the Lord sent me here to Tlaquepaque for a reason. I know that I have a new companion to serve and more people to find! I know that He loves me and that He trusts me. He knows what He’s doing even though I’m really not a big fan of this whole transfers thing. That’s where faith comes in right?  I know He’ll be by my side as we figure out this new area and new ward and be completely lost for this week! Ha! Ha! Ni modo right? But really, I love the Lord, I trust Him. One day I will understand it all and I just have this peace with me. We are going to really lose ourselves working here!!

I love you all so much and thanks again for the birthday wishes! Be good and be obedient and keep praying for your sweet missionary!

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