Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mexico Week 24 -- Welcome to Tlaquepaque

To my favorite people in the whole world!! 

I love working with Hermana Malacara!  She is a little on the shy side, but she is super sweet. I am excited to work with her and watch us both grow as missionaries! I know that with love, perfect obedience, and diligence, we can really make a difference here. 

Last week in our first day in Tlaquepaque, we visted un hermano that was going to get baptized last week! He lives in a house of members and his sister is the Relief Society President. She was pretty upset that the missionaries had been transferred and I think we just kind of caught her in a rough moment.  Walking home that night, we literally thought everyone here was going to hate us! I remember feeling pretty overwhelmed and more than a little home sick for Cruz del Sur! Isn’t that a crazy?  Saying goodbye to them was almost like saying goodbye to you guys.  Instead of daydreaming about home when I let my mind wander, I’m thinking about them! The mission does crazy stuff to you! 

Well we visited el hermano a few more times that week and he was baptized on Saturday! A ton of people from the ward came and it was such a pretty baptismal service. He’s somebody that truly had changed by listening to the stories and he was a little misty eyed and all in all, just a good night! Their family took us home after the baptism and his sister tells us, ¨You know, I was pretty nervous at the beginning of this week. My brother had changed so much and was looking forward to his baptism with the elders.  Then you two showed up! I think the Lord just has a plan and I need to repent!¨

We all chuckled a little bit and she started asking how things were going and if she could help with anything. I think the lesson of the week is just that we have to be like the Savior. We have to continually show love, be patient, and just love people even when they don’t love you back at first!  I think I’m going to like it here!  ;)

In all honesty, I was a little bad mad last week. Maybe even a little fired up with Presidente Camarillo!  Kind of thinking – HEY!  What are you all doing?  It just kind of hit me as the Lord softened me up that it’s all about His plan, not my plan. I realized that He can see more than me, it’s His work after all right? I know that He loves us and wants what’s best for us. We truly are meeting some incredible people here. Even though we get a little lost sometimes and get home absolutely exhausted, little by little we’re figuring it out and it’s all part of the Lord’s plan.

In his letter to me this week, my President said:  “Gracias por lo que hace por la obra. Aprecio mucho su actitud de ir y hacer lo que el Señor le manda. Al saber que debía enviar un par de misioneras a esa unidad, el señor fue claro al decir que eran ustedes dos quienes deberían ser asignadas. 

Gracias también por siempre preguntar si puede hacer algo por mi. Sin duda el Señor la ha bendecido con muchos dones y capacidades. Es evidente que Él desea hacer mucho por medio de usted.¨

I hope all of my Gringos can understand that, but it meant a lot to me and it just makes me want to work even harder for the Lord ... just to give Him everything I’ve got!

Okay now for some fun stuff!! 

My other birthday package showed up!! Wow, y'all spoiled me rotten! I love my new shoes and clothes and oh the pillow spray!! Makes me think of Tamsyn and the BYU days! The watches are perfect and I'm just all around spoiled!! Love y'all to the moon and back!! 

Fun Tlaq news...WE HAVE WALMART HERE! We went today and whew, I just love Walmart. We’re also right in the middle of the city here.  It’s absolutely beautiful!  Our area is on the smaller side and wow, I am loving it!  I want to bring y’all here after the mission!  We went city exploring today and I found the Classic Mexican dress.  I know!  I know they’re kind of for grandmas, but I love them. A little birthday treat for me ;)

Also, I am learning that I really do love chile. All of the hermanas tell me I’m turning into a Mexican because they tell us … Uh, that salsa is kind of hot. I put a little bit and then I try it and I think … Uh, not that hot, maybe a little more!  Ha! Ha! Turns out I’m a chile convert. 

We had a fun announcement this week! Even though the temple here is outside of the mission, we are going to start going as zones!  Our zone will be going September 9th! I am so excited!  I was actually just thinking about how much I missed the temple and wow! I am so grateful for a President that receives revelation for us and knows from the Lord what we need. He is just great and WE’RE GOING TO THE TEMPLE! 

I love you all lots!! I hope that you’re all happy and well!  Wow Mom, congrats on the new calling!  That will be so fun!! Plan camp after I get home eh? I can be your wingwoman!  Keep being righteous and creating our eternal family! I will be nerdy as ever when you see me next! You’re always in my prayers! 

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