Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mexico Week 26 -- I Feel My Savior's Love

To all of my favorite people in the world!

We found some horses in the street this week! Grandpa, I thought about you! I started talking to the Señor about how my Grandpa also used to have horses and I rode them as a kid. We talked about the influence we have on the generations after us and sadly he lives far, but he’s got a pass along card!

This is one of the young adults in our ward that just moved out of young women’s. She wants to serve a mission in January! She is precious and we’re showing her the ropes!

We got home exhausted everyday this week, did our planning and then had some 30 minutes of rest and relaxation watching “The District”, or our training videos! Ha! Ha!  We really do like them!  We had popcorn, the foot cream, and can’t forget a coke and stuffed animal to snuggle with!

Also, this area is a huge tourist zone and they have Chili’s!  What do you know!  Sadly there are no pretzel sticks ;)

Fun Fact … People here put ketchup on everything!  Pizza, pasta, you name it. Megan would literally be in heaven.

This week we started having some success! We found some new investigators and our less active members are really starting to open up to us! A less active member told us that she got pretty mad at the elders before us. She was really struggling with some things and nobody from church visited her and then the elders stopped passing by too. She told us that she actually had no intention of listening when we started coming by but that she was starting to open up.

In Relief Society yesterday we talked about our responsibility to rescue. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. If you don’t know who you’re supposed to visit teach, where they live, who they are … ASK THE MISSIONARIES. They can help! These are people who once had testimonies. Maybe they made some mistakes, or maybe they got offended and don’t know how to come back, but the majority of them know they need the gospel. We can’t judge and say they don’t want it. We have to keep having faith and keep reaching out until we rescue every person. In the scriptures we read that without charity, we can’t enter the kingdom of God. Well, I think when we feel the pure love of Christ, we’re going to want to help him save people right? Or in other words, we literally can’t enter the celestial kingdom if we don’t participate in missionary work.

Wow, let that sink in a minute and then it will light a fire!

Yesterday, or Sunday, I was getting ready in the morning with my playlist of all of the Atonement songs. We have this picture of Jesus in our house and wow, I had the most amazing feeling come over me. He loves us. He knows we’re not perfect and that we do dumb stuff. He loves us anyways. I am coming to know Him more and more. We truly can’t comprehend the love He has for us. He just wants to be by our side every day.

This week I was really starting to think about Grandpa Jay. My patriarchal blessing says that I will have the spirit of Elijah and feel motivated to look for my ancestors. Now I know a lot of our work has been done, and I can’t quite work in this right now, but I can look to my ancestors. I just felt like he was with me, like he loves me and is watching over me and supporting me. I really want to read his patriarchal blessing actually! I love our Heavenly Father’s plan and I know that little by little He’s teaching us. I love this Gospel and the peace it brings. I love that families are the central unit of the Gospel and that we can be eternal. The more I see and hear here, the more my gratitude grows for you guys. You gave me the most amazing environment to grow up in. I love that you have always taught me that I can change the world and be amazing and that nothing or nobody can stop me!  You helped me to gain this confidence, and it is with this confidence and the confidence that the Lord gives me that I’m serving. I just love you guys lots.

Have a great week!

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