Saturday, June 27, 2015

Mexico Week 68: Love is Always the Answer

Dear sweet family!! 

You are headed out to girl’s camp and I have been praying all week that all will go well!! You’ve all worked hard and now just let the Lord work, I know that it will be great. 

So first things first...the pictures!! This is Hermana Dayana. She’s less active and this past week she was going with us to our appointments and she went to church! It’s the first time she’s gone to church since I’ve been here!! 

My companion celebrated my 17 months with balloons! 

Hermana Karla was feeling bad the last time we visited her and Hermana Lucy was with us and so we helped her get the house tidied up! Hermana Lucy is a doll!  We love her too much! 

This week was my last zone conference! Crazy stuff right?  I am going to miss President and Hermana so much! We talked about the importance of the Sabbath Day using a training from General Conference. It was AWESOME!!  We talked about the church has the purpose of uniting families for eternity, but the chain usually breaks between baptism and entering the temple and it’s because of weak gospel teaching in the HOME.  We talked about the importance of keeping the Sabbath Day holy and how it will help families. This day we send a sign to the Lord with everything we do. How are we applying in our families what is taught at church? What are we teaching our kids that we should do on Sundays? It was so good!  We also talked about the Book of Mormon and I just loved it!  We sang the song “The Family is of God”.  Not going to lie ... I got a little teary eyed! Who makes missionaries sing that song??!!  Ha! Ha!  But, it was so pretty and honestly my new favorite song. 

President counseled us to study until we complete a Doctorate, if we can. He told us not to wait for all of the luxuries of life before we get married.  He said, “Now do you understand why faith is so important?” …  I love my President!! 

I had the opportunity to give a talk in church yesterday. I LOVE giving talks. I was praying and thinking a lot about what to talk about and I couldn’t get the idea of love out of my mind. I started talking about what is love and how much our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us and how I came to know that that’s true. I used a lot of Jeffrey R. Holland’s talk, “The First Great Commandment”.  Once we’ve felt their love, there’s no going back, we have to love them too. I talked about how we show them our love and how we have a life of devoted discipleship to give. I felt the Spirit so strongly and I love this topic. We have to love, love our Father in Heaven and love everybody else. 

Last little story, yesterday we visited Claudia and Naty to see how they were doing and how it went in their baptism and confirmation and it turns out Brandon stayed at the table to chat.  He almost always leaves, but yesterday he stayed there! We started to talk about prayer and I felt the strongest impression to tell him, “I know you need a Dad. You need someone to listen to you and to help you and to love you and our Heavenly Father can be your dad. He is your dad. He will listen. He will help.  He will support.  He will counsel.”  He just looked at me and we kept sharing more.  He wants to start praying. We’re also going to start teaching him more and more! He asks us, “If I join your church, do I have to go on a mission?  Like it’s not my choice, I have to go?”  We told him he would make the decision and no one would force him.  A teacher at church always talks to him about a mission and I think he scared him! That’s why he hasn´t been hanging around!  Goodness!! 

Ha! Ha!  Well, I love you and hope that you’re all happy and not too stressed.  I want to see you all happy and in one piece at the end of Girls Camp!  I love y’all tons and can’t wait to see you soon. Keep praying for me! 

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