Tuesday, April 1, 2014

General Women's Meeting -- IN SPANISH!!

My face .. getting ready to watch the Women's Conference .. IN SPANISH! 

Saturday night we had the opportunity to watch the General Women’s Conference!  Let me tell you, I LOVE that all of the women are together now. Absolutely love it!  The Spirit is great because I understood a ton!  All in Spanish!  For those of you that watched, did you see the Mormon version of Up?  Oh my goodness, I was bawling like a baby!  It was the video that started with kids and ended with the grandparents? 

Here's a link to the video:

I felt so strongly that my Heavenly Father has an incredible plan for my life.  He has blessed me with incredible experiences growing up. He’s given me the opportunity to serve a mission in this beautiful country, with the most incredible people.  Hopefully, I get to be a wife and mom, a teacher for the rest of my life! Heavenly Father trusts me to teach because I teach with love.  The mom in the video was in scrubs and taking care of kids and I almost died.  That’s going to be me!  This is my time to prepare.  This is my time with the Savior to solidify our relationship so that we can be partners for the rest of His plans for my life.  

I couldn't help but think about my mom during the conference .. Just so you know, I think you are awesome!  Seriously, the more I meet people here, the more I come to know the details of their lives, I thank Heavenly Father for our family.  We're are so incredibly blessed.  You and dad did that. You had goals, you stuck to your guns, and you formed an environment where we could grow spiritually and physically. 

Thank you so much for your example.  Thank you for teaching me to be bold, to be convicted.  Thank you for always being one of my best friends. Thank you for teaching me how to love other people and giving me an example of how to be a good mom.  There are so many broken families here.  So many people not married in the temple.  I love you SO MUCH. I hope you never forget it and that I can be someone that you're proud of! Love you more than you know! 

Being women is so great!  I hope that all of the women that read this realize just how important their role is.  We need to lead our families in righteous, to do the hard things like Eve did because we’re pretty dang tough.  Your calling as a woman is great!  Love it!  Fulfill it!  No regrets!

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