Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mexico Week 9 -- The Gospel Is For Families

Well today was wild with zone activities, having to take the other hermanas to the president’s house and so we have no time to write!  I’m washing clothes in the sink and we’re showering in cold water because we don’t have time to buy gas.  Ahh, the missionary life ... gotta love it!  This whole week just flew by! 

I love Mexico!  Sometimes old men are just gettin it singing and playing the guitar on the buses and people tip them and it’s great.  Nothing like some entertainment while you’re traveling!  Oh, and we had a mini earthquake! I’m talking like 2 seconds but it was a ¨Grandpa pass the milk¨ moment and we were dying laughing! 

Remember JuanCarlos Reynaga?  Our first baptism?  Well now his sister has a baptismal date!  She has 4 kids all under the age of 11 and they’re a little rowdy!  Haha!  But so fun!  She accepted a baptismal date this week.  She works all the time and her life is crazy. She was telling us that church was just too early in the morning. We had a lesson with her Saturday night and it was awesome. The Spìrit and the words just poured out of me.  I talked about the example that she is for her family and her desires to follow and love the Savior.  Guess what?  We show up Sunday morning and they’re all ready to go. The whole family has never gone to church since I got here.  I may or may not have teared up a little bit. Hermana Paty loved church and just talked about feeling so much peace and love.

The gospel is for families.  It really is, and moms have such an effect on their kids.  I hope that I’m always an example and that I will be proud of the example I set.  For real, sometimes we don’t understand, but the influence of parents is huge! 

Well I’ll have to tell you the rest next week, but keep doing what you’re doing!  Be examples and stick to your guns! Take time every day to think about the Savior and his sacrifice personally for you.  Love you all so much! 

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