Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Juan Carlos Reynaga

Awesome news!  WE HAD OUR FIRST BAPTISM THIS WEEK!  JuanCarlos Reynaga was baptized on Saturday.  It was so beautiful.  Me, Hermana Valdez, and the four elders in our ward sang ¨Yo Trato de Ser Como Cristo – I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus.¨  Man, it is so powerful when missionaries sing!  I love, love, love this song!  Sometimes I think I like the primary songs more than hymns. But really, this is what we’re doing.  We’re helping people to follow Jesus.  How great is that!  His confirmation was beautiful too.  

Mom, you would have been so proud .. We made programs and had a display table!  We made a "J" for Juan Carlos out of upside down jello cups .. not quite a rainbow, but still great!!

His biggest weakness is that he doesn’t have any friends in the ward.  Right now, we’re without a bishop and so the stake is super active in the ward.  They’re really pushing missionary work.  Many of our investigators struggle with coming to church and then once they come, nobody talks to them. 

Rule of thumb – and y’all better put this in practice – If you see someone at church that you don’t recognize...INTRODUCE YOURSELF AND WELCOME THEM.  It doesn’t matter if they’re a member, a visitor, an investigator, or whomever, say something!  Be kind and friendly!  All of us are struggling through this crazy life and absolutely everyone needs a friend.  When we serve, when we step outside of ourselves, we can literally do incredible things. 

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