Monday, February 24, 2014

Cruz del Sur

My first area .. Cruz del Sur!  Here's the view from the top of our apartment.

Let me just paint you a picture of where I am! I´m right here in the city...about five minutes from the mission office and about twenty minutes from my mission president´s house.  I absolutely LOVE being in the city.  We have everything we could possibly need! 

First things first...drivers are crazy here. They kind of have lanes marked in the road, but not really. We take a lot of buses and I´m quite the surfer now!  Haven't even fallen once! 

The weather is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. It gets a little hot sometimes in the afternoon, but it´s so beautiful. 

So there are these trucks that drive around playing a recording of the minions from Despicable Me singing and laughing over and over again. It gets me every time and I bust laughing, but I honestly have no idea what they´re advertising. 

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