Sunday, February 16, 2014

Farewell to the MTC -- Vamos a Mexico!!

So our Branch Presidency let us email home before we head tomorrow since it'll be until next Monday before I have another P-Day!  Mexico here I come!!

My last block of class with our homeroom teacher Hermano Hopoate was really significant to me. He was having a rough day and we could tell he was a little off. He eventually told us that he had a lot on his mind and that he needed some help. He gave us two minutes as a companionship to come up with an inspired question. He had every companionship ask their question and he answered and then we all sat in silence for a few minutes. The Spirit was so strong and I felt nothing but pure love. Our message was centered on Christ and His Atonement, but our whole district gave strong, heartfelt messages in just a few minutes. All of the messages were inspired and there was so much love in that room. Hermano Hopoate bore a powerful testimony after and by this point our whole district is in tears. He prayed that we might always have motives as pure they were today. The reason our lessons were so powerful was because they were motivated solely by love. I was a little nervous and this experience helped me so much. I just got really excited to be a missionary. I felt like I could do it, like Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ would help me. I felt like I would come to know Spanish and that I would be supported in all things. I felt that I would always have the companionship of my Savior. I loved it and have loved all of my experiences here. 

Last night one of our teachers asked if they could leave a blessing on our district. He blessed each person individually through prayer and I was blessed that I would have a desire to learn and study the gospel and to always be searching that I might have power and become the person that Heavenly Father needed me to be. 

Last night we had some elders in our zone give us blessings as we head out into the field! About three days ago, I felt like I really needed to ask Elder Neider. He gave me one of the most powerful blessings. It was so unique and I've honestly never heard things so straightforward before. He talked about how important my calling is and how I've been called of God. I have been found worthy and called by a prophet of the Lord. My blessing talked a lot about my influence. I was told that I would walk down the street and influence people that I would never even meet. I was told that people would develop their opinions and feelings about the Church solely on how I chose to act. Wow! Talk about a big responsibility! I was blessed that through scripture study and sincere prayer, I would come to learn the language. I was also blessed in regards to y'all. To be honest, I haven't had a lot of family worries since I've been here, but my blessings offered peace in regards to family. I was told that powers of heaven were directly to me and my faithfulness and would have a direct effect on you all. Isn't that so amazing?! I was also given a fervent warning in my blessing. I warned that Satan did not want me to have success on my mission and that he would set up pitfalls for me. I was counseled to turn to my Savior more fully. I was blessed with power for the second time that day as well.

I am so grateful for all the missionaries I have met here in the MTC!  I love Hermana Daniel and am so grateful we were put together as companions.


I love all of you. Thank you for the Dear Elders and packages and all of the support. I promise to be honest about my adventures! But really, I have been raised with the most incredible family and I hope to always make you proud, but also to be a source of strength and support when any of you need it.  We're all in this together, right??!!

Love you! Wish me luck tomorrow! 

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