Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hercules and Me

Okay, this is going to sound so cheesy, but this is exactly how I feel. So I feel like teenage Hercules .. for real.  I'm trying to do the right things but I have no idea how I'm supposed to become this great hero or all of these things that I'm being told I will become. Then there's Hades who's had it for me since I was born and tries so hard to put things in my path that will deter me.

I have these earthly parents that love the heck out of me and are doing everything they can to support me and teach me about life.

 In addition to these earthly parents, my Father in Heaven needs me to be something greater. He needs me to forget myself and become a powerful missionary. I was also told that I've been given divine attributes that that as I develop them, I will move closer to my full potential.  I'm totally not sure how this will happen or what the timeline looks like.

 I know that my Savior, Jesus Christ, is aware of me and that I need to have more faith in Him. I need to always turn to Him and trust Him with my all. I want to gain knowledge and a greater understanding. I want to be worthy of all that He has. God intends for me to be a powerful person in my life.  I need to always realize in humility that this power comes directly from Him and always strive to use it in the way that He desires.  If I can somehow figure this all out, then I can return to live with Him one day.

So tomorrow this begins for real .. Tomorrow I head to "Thebes" to learn all that I can about being the "hero" that my Father in Heaven wants and needs me to be.  I can't wait to meet the people who are going to help me along this journey .. we are going to move mountains!!

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