Saturday, February 15, 2014

Week 5 -- Getting Ready For Mexico

Querida Familia!!  How are all of you?! I hope that you had an excellent week! 

Last week Hermana Daniel and I had our lest lesson with Daniel and it was by far the best lesson we've ever taught in the MTC. We were teaching about the Atonement and Repentance, but we mixed it up a little bit. We read Alma 36, the entire chapter, together. We stopped and asked questions and talked, and his whole countenance changed. His voice was softer and he was really taking in the scriptures. He was asking about how he could grow closer to Christ, and he committed to be baptized. We were bearing testimony and flowing so well. I know that the Book of Mormon has real power. It changes lives and it brings people to Christ. I know that our Savior lives. I know that repentance is real and effective. Ahh, helping people to come to realize how much their Savior loves them and how they can have His influence in their life is just awesome! 

Hermana Daniel and I also taught Hermano Hopoate as Ezekiel this week. He is portraying his roommate who is a member but is thirty and hasn't been to the temple yet. Although we are progressing him toward baptism, our teacher is using the experience to receive revelation on how to help his roommate get to the temple. He's been a little bit of a tricky investigator because he is such a great person and he knows the church is true. He wants to be baptized, just in the future. As we were teaching him from Alma 5, we learned that he just doesn't feel worthy of baptism, he has weaknesses and he just doesn't feel good enough yet. This really touched my heart and I had this burning testimony that covenants are power. I knew that Heavenly Father loves this man, I knew that He was so proud of Him and wanted to bless him. I just bore my testimony that baptism was power. The influence of the Holy Ghost in your life is true power. Access to the Atonement is real power. Hermana Daniel bore her testimony too and then we just sat in silence for a long time. Ezekiel spoke up and said that he was going to talk to his bishop and girlfriend and that he was willing to talk about a baptismal date. The Spirit was so strong in that lesson and it was really special to me. 

Hermana Daniel and I were teaching one of our teachers as himself in English the other day...kind of a different activity right? We ended up helping him with girl problems, but anywho, we asked him what the highlight of his mission was. He said "Well, I could never really pick one moment, but when someone looks you in the eye and says I want to be baptized and then you watch them walk into the baptismal font." I had chills and honestly caught a legit fire to go to Mexico! 

On Sunday night after devotional, we always watch films. We watched "The Testaments" which I've actually never seen before! I really loved it and it was honestly very powerful for me. I realized how real my Savior is. I started thinking about how He and my Heavenly Father have real bodies. Do I really believe the Atonement happened? Do I really believe that He experienced everything? Do I really believe that He can be with me all the time? It amazing to think about and I'm noticing that my testimony of the Savior increases every day. I love Him and I'm coming to know Him. I can't wait for the day that I can embrace Him and be with Him. I want to be worthy of that experience. I want to come to know my Savior as a real person and then strive to be someone worthy of being His friend. I've started reading Jesus the Christ and it's really really insightful. I just love learning! 

Yesterday I had a pretty neat experience in class. Hermano Hopoate told us a story about how in his mission he and his companion were given stewardship over the young men in the ward. He was given the responsibility to getting the boys on missions. I had the most powerful feeling that I could do the same thing with the Young Women. I could work with them on Personal Progress and prepare them for temple marriage. I feel such a strong connection and love for this age group and I want to help them build strong foundations. I want them to have great lives. I love them so much and I don't even know them yet! I can't wait to see what work the Lord has in store for me. 

We hung out a bit with our Branch President and talked about getting ready to leave the MTC.  They are such great people and I'm really glad we got to know them better!

So to wrap this party up, what they heck, I'm going to Mexico on Monday. The time honestly flew by so fast! I'm riding a serious roller coaster of "heck yeah let's do this!" to "wait, what did I get myself into again?" I think my biggest fear is that I'll give into the fear to be discouraged. I want to be upbeat and positive and let jokes about how I speak roll off my back. I want to always trust in the Lord and know that He is with me. I just fear that I might give in to the temptation to get down. I really don't want to! Today I realized that as long as I am pouring my heart out to the Lord in prayer, I'm studying hard, I'm working hard, I'm loving people and my companion, it will all work out. I know that the Lord trusts me with His work and is going to help me with it, I know that He will support me in all things. I know that He will pick me up on the hardest days and that if I'm willing, He will help me to have the best possible attitude. 

I love you all so much! I pretty sure I thank Heavenly Father like twenty times a day for y'all. Every time I hear people tell stories about how they grew up .. I'm just learning more and more and I realize how incredibly blessed I've been. Thank you for all of the packages, letters, emails, Dear Elders,'s all great! Please let me know if there is anything I can help any of you with! 

Love you to the moon and back! Wish me luck in another country!

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